Article – Mimi Makes A Million



“The ‘Make More Love’ technique always works.”


When I think of love, my mind goes to the stereo typical places I’m sure 90% of us think of when we try to describe the purest and most wonderful emotion we know. But do those thoughts include being millionaires? Do they include being successful in all the ways we value as a society these days? Somehow I doubt these values align, but then why do we feel the need to fulfill these “goals”? Even though they won’t really make us happy.

The story about Mimi and her husband Alex states, “Goals are a myth. Our ancestors for 200,000 years didn’t have goals. Every day started from scratch: hunt, forage, eat, sex, sleep, wake up to a new day.” To approach each day as if it were entirely new would not only allow people to enjoy their lives, but would open eyes to the fact that money is a product of passion repeated over a long period of time. That skill in anything is learned, and an increase in revenue is earned. Not through a lust for money though. This value is earned through appreciation of what you have and the sharing of that wealth to gain knowledge and friendship.

Now I don’t plan to sit here and tell you that without doing more, and simply exuding nothing but positivity will lead you to ultimate happiness. There must be hard work and people involved to achieve a level of livelihood and enjoyment that will give you a sense of balance in life. But like the story states, “Hugh Howey had already ten novels before he published “Wool” which became a massive bestseller. Clayton Christiansen applied for NASA for 18 years in a row before they accepted him.” Hard work and the passion for the job is how we progress.


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Which is truly the key to happiness because it follows the idea that Mimi and her husband outlined from the start of their company. MAKE MORE LOVE, not only should be the goals of our lives but will guide us through the most difficult of times in business. This is because these three words give us purpose, fulfill our production lust, and fill us with what we as people search for the most. If this was not evoked in every aspect of a product, no one would give it a second look. Thus why Mimi and her husband are so, “happy” by societal standards.

They fulfilled their standard of happiness before social values ever got involved. So what else do you really need?


Written by EW