Article – 6 Digital Strategies Foreshadowing 2017


“we have more technology than ever to take smaller steps”


In regards to planning for 2017 we agree with Christopher in that a business modeled to be dynamic, lean, and flexible as always will remain at the top of the heap. The reasons to why and how they get there varies however. But through the the chaos of choosing an approach Mr. Boucher believes to have found a general outline that can guide you through the foreseeable hurdles 2017 could throw at you.



Messengers that connect people to your business and to each other are going to maintain at the very least a 10% growth over the next 5 years, particularly on Facebook. However the days of automated responses are over, and the broadening of true human customer service over social platforms begins.  It is nearly imperative that companies maintain a transparent and speedy responses to their customers. Which in an age where the customer is much more tech savy, bots on WhatsApp and Facebook in our opinion only provide a bandaid to what consumers are really wanting.

Facebook Video is a direct result of the expansion of the video trend of 2016. In 2017 this trend will continue to captivate audiences and replace more and more readable content.

“Right now the big theme and strategy that we’re executing is we’re going to become video first. There is a trend where 10 years ago most of what you saw and shared online was text. Then, we went through a phase where most of it was photos. We really believe that in 5 years, most of what people consume online is going to be video. That means that there need to be a whole range of new production tools and consumption experiences for enabling that.”

– Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Social Commerce will rein-vigor start ups across the board! Now more than ever word of mouth will play a huge role in the creation and maintenance of not only a service or site, but of the community itself. Through a higher level of strategizing it is possible to trace and document data provided by both consumers and the market itself through data analytics and social trend following.

User Generated Content in coexistence with Social Commerce this type of content is much easier to come by in today’s day in age. With apps like Triller, Beem, and MSQRD spear heading the way for users to create original content, the ability to leverage that crowd sourced data is one of the easiest ways to expand your communities’ reach. Connecting people through common ground in 2017 will only better your business’ perspective of the future.

Social Media Security wasn’t a high debating point during our last presidential election for no reason. In the coming years this issue will remain at the forefront of most companies’ minds because the future of the internet has, and is becoming a darker and scarier place due to Cyber Wars.

Affiliate Programs are what will expand your presence and respect amongst your peers. While maintaining competitive nature, partnerships between unlikely duos can define the future of not just an individual market, but can create entirely new unforeseeable opportunities. The longterm, profitable partnerships between advertisers and publishers will only be expanded on all levels of business, and thus maintaining relationships with small audience producers will be more crucial.


Building and maintaining strategies that fit your team and budget is not only vital to achieving the goals listed above. But is just a portion of the what small businesses need to survive in today’s markets. Identifying a strategy that fits you and your brand is what will separate your from the pack. Move forward and keep Analyzing, Inventing, and Engaging!

Written by: EW