Video – Totally Disposable Paper Snowbaord

By Signal Snowboards



“Fourteen dollars of fun and an incredible day on the hill”


Today, most companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. As a part of their “Every Third Thursday” series, Signal Snowboards has taken this concept to the next level by creating the world’s first snowboard made entirely of paper, cardboard and recyclable bonding agents. It’s incredibly cheap to build, and the only board you can toss in the recycling bin when it’s broken!


In partnership with Ernest Packaging in California, Dave Lee (Founder of Signal) send a CAD file of his company’s existing designs for the core of their boards, and needed to engineer a way to make the unusual building materials into a rideable product. “We really want to make this whole board out of paper,” says Lee “So we’re coming up with ideas of how to make it strong enough to be able to be ridden without any plastics. Just wax up the cardboard and go!”


This is only one of the plethora of unique design challenges that Dave Lee and his team tackle in their ETT series. Give them a visit to see more!

Written by TD