“By infusing eco-friendly methods into the design, retailers are able to creatively distinguish themselves apart from other less eco conscious brands.”


When was the last time you saw a sustainable package design you fully enjoyed? Not just the customer experience, nor the aesthetic or layout of the package either. What we mean is fully enjoyed every aspect of what you just purchased through the lens of aesthetic to product continuity, and sustainability. Nature provides us with plenty of inspiration and we see them applied every day through our use of biomimicry both in the construction of modern packaging and in some products brand voices. But why don’t we see these necessary aspects of design represented equally upon the ideation of really any product who’s goal is to stand out, while being 100% environmentally sustainable?

To answer our own question. It is majorly because the general cost both require to make a stand out product is usually so high most brands either can’t afford the price tag, or don’t see the value in spending more for graphic design. It’s unfortunate because in cases such as with the Joco Coffee Mug the consumer doesn’t realize the amazing product within the sustainable tube. They are more likely to buy Joco based on the sustainable material of the package than for the sustainability of the product itself. The hands of the industrial design just don’t quite fit the hands of graphic design and thus the product just doesn’t quite make our revolutionary status yet. 



Alternatively, there will always be cases where graphic design can be overlooked because it is not as interracial for the user to receive the best experience. Graze, for example needs little to no branding because the concept of the package is incredibly simply. You receive a box in the mail, and you eat the weekly, monthly etc. snacks as you may. The brand is given life typographically which is one of our favorite aspects of it’s design, and the box itself comes nearly as natural as it’s contents. But the thing we love about Graze the most is that it tries to mimic the elements that it’s products are naturally in throughout it’s user interaction. Almost setting the stage before you even consume the nuts and berries. Why would you ever want to go to the grocery store? When you can have your natural foods shipped safely to your doorstep.


“It’s art if can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.”

~ Wouter Stokkel



Overall the design of the brand and package must not not need any explanation for different reasons. The identities’ design must not need explaining because it’s role is to be the backbone of the user’s experience. While the package itself is the canvas that must interact with the product intimately, as to fulfill the package’s role to the fullest.  We love Graze because it embodies natural sustainability through every aspect of what makes the package and the identity a product. While are left wanting more from Joco’s lack of product to brand continuity. But that doesn’t mean growth can’t be made to make each identity even better!

Here are some more brands we love because they mimic the nature of the product and it’s environment. Even if they aren’t quite sustainable yet…

Chiri Dried Fruits
are made from natural ingredients and fresh produce, and what’s the best way to communicate this to the consumers? By letting them see it for themselves. BRID – Branding Agency developed packaging that features images of the fresh fruits on the packaging and a cut out to see the mouthwatering product inside. It’s an irresistible and easy (and healthy!) treat the entire family will crave.

Cafe Virtuoso is leading the way in sourcing and procuring only the best coffee in the world. They also pride themselves in applying a scientific approach to its preparation and roasting. The coffee bags take inspiration from botanical illustrations to convey the company’s educational approach. The label system allows them to keep up with their different seasonal varieties while putting front and center the coffee’s organic certifications as well as Cafe Virtuoso’s commitment to ethical coffee.

Gather Pet Food enters the market crafted from certified, NON-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients. With the knowledge that consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability and transparency in their pet food, Gather wanted to create a brand that makes a difference in the world. The packaging builds on this idea by focusing on the main protein source of each recipe with a unique illustration. Wrapping around the side of the bag, we follow the journey of the ingredients.

Saint John Family Farms expresses the open space and greenery that the hens enjoy, to show that happy chickens produce quality eggs. The design is as free-flowing and playful as the hens themselves as they graze in the grass, while the text emphasizes the importance of raising animals in a natural environment.