“It boils down to two things: curiosity and trust.”


I have been asked many times since the inception of Heliosphere, “what is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as CEO?” A plethora of adjectives and lessons came to my mind while reflecting on the long road to starting Heliosphere. The answer to this question can be as sophisticated or complex as one would want to make it but at the end of the day it boils down to two things: curiosity and trust.

The desire to learn, diligently bettering yourself, and maintaining a healthy thirst for knowledge are not only crucial to successfully running a business but to leading a fulfilling life. Curiosity is knowing that you are always learning and that you don’t possess all the answers. Curiosity is an eagerness to solve problems and learn more about a friend or business partner’s problem. Curiosity means looking at obstacles as an opportunity to get better and overcome instead of something in the way.

The employees of a business are extensions of the owner and the core values of a company. Doing what is best for the team, client, or project is essential to establishing trusting relationships. Your family, business connections, colleagues and co workers are your wings and a good leader cannot fly without wings! Never be afraid to speak honestly and put your cards on the table. In a world with an abundance of potential I have learned that opportunity never goes away, it just goes to the next person and that opportunity would not have been present without trust.


Written By: JL