Article – The Storied Evolution of the Star Wars Logo



As any designer would hope, the data driving the identity itself will lay out the rules of the brand’s aesthetic. But what happens when that data is undeveloped due to a misunderstanding of how the brand’s voice molds it’s morals? The perfect example of an every changing logo type such as this would be the Star Wars logo type. This is because of it’s closeness in proximity to the invention of the Swiss typeface Helvetica, as well as the early modernist typographic movement. In conjunction with a team that manipulated the icon to better fit what it was being used for in the films marketing development.

Through this near unbiased approach to the film’s logo type George Lucas pushed Star Wars essentially through the transition of marketing through decadence, to marketing through cleanliness. Thus riding the wave that would eventually structure the way modern designers layout their advertising. However, what truly defines the progress made on the Star Wars logo’s development itself were the needs it was meant to fulfill as it progressed through the film’s creative process. Few know that the greatest typographic decisions were made for logical reasons because of the ways in which they were being used. From acting as the title of a silently published novel, to existing in our minds as the cult classic it is today. Whether we look at it’s birth through the sketches represented in the “Anatomy of a Logo” or through the more fascist art direction George Lucas pushed it in when closer to the movie’s launch. The updated logo type consistently adapted to the need that it was redesigned to fulfill. Governing aesthetics aside, the physical need the icon would be used for, in combination with the change in marketing values typographically could potentially be what ultimately laid the framework for the film’s success. Well before the final major change made before the film’s premier.



Proving even more still that the most successful brands, and icons, survive on a multi faceted stage, fulfilling a multitude of solutions. Adapting to your environment, and adjusting how business is ran in parallel to a sustainable business plan and model will create a more fruitful investment.


Written by EW