“The director is the only person who knows what the film is about.”


Over in the labs at Heliosphere, we are looking to the future and constructing new ways to propel our brand forward in unison with our clients. Ultimately we are exploring directions and have found video to be, if not one of the simplest ways to portray what we and our clients do. Other than packaging design of course. Through our research we have stumbled upon names that seem to stand out above the rest in the video production realm, and though we maybe a bit bias when it comes to a few of these selections. It really is hard to admit that they don’t deserve the space at the top of our list for industry film makers to keep an eye on.

#5 Transistor Studios


Transistor Studios  is a creative collective comprised of artists, designers, directors, animators, editors and producers working together to create visually exciting broadcast commercials, branded entertainment and long form content that engages and inspires. And they most certainly mean it. The diverse collective, unified by a strong and mutually understood design perspective, truly deserve the reputation of producing artful solutions that work nearly everywhere.


#4 Method Studios


Method Studios   is an award-winning international visual effects group with an artist-driven company known for its creativity. Servicing high-end feature film, commercial, television, games and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace, they’ve worked with clients like Marvel, FX Network, and RSA / AICP. As a company built around an exceptional team of visual effects professionals, Method’s international facilities provide a full range of visual effects services. With a global reach only amplified by boutique accessibility, Method has the capacity to service clientele wherever the production need take place.


#3 Mitch Myers


Mitch Myers I has a bright future in video to look forward to. He is a Missouri based all around magician when it comes to creating awe inspiring 3D motion designed films. Expanding his social circles both online and in person with clients like GoPro, RedBull, NFL, JBL, and UnderArmor. Mitch now focus’ on what matters most to him- helping artists and genuine creators develop and represent themselves at the highest level.

#2 Frame Touch


Frametouch or Branko Jass as he is truly known, is a Slovakian filmmaker & motion designer living in Vila Velha, Brazil. Frametouch is the name of his creative studio focused on Animation, Broadcast Identity Packs, Web Videos, Short Films, Tv Ad’s and Music Videos. The space is also named this because every inch of digital film is poured over and edited before it ever reaches an audiences’ eyes. Which if you’ve ever seen any of their work, you would agree.

#1 Ryan Cory


Ryan Cory is possibly the most energized, and direct of the bunch. With a charismatic yet hilarious demeanor, in combination with a hard working, hustle first mentality the job is done on time and to the highest quality. As an outgoing Director that makes things happen, Ryan maximizes a strategy through innovation that will create large scale impact for brands, businesses, and lifestyle content. Making him our top choice for any style of video content on any platform.

Written by: EW