“There are three responses to a piece of design
– yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

~Milton Glaser

Defining what makes great modern design, can be like telling someone what makes a great politician. It’s completely subjective, and relies almost entirely on the “trends” of the time. However defining the trends and applying them in a way that is stimulating yet understandable is the ultimate goal. With the help of many partners in the Seattle area we have compiled just a few examples of what we define as the cutting edge of modern web design.

Application of Depth


The application of depth through video and parallax  is not a new trend at all, or so it may seem. With invigorated young designers, and developers breaking ground in both web design, and videography. It is not only easier to give a site the perception of depth, but has nearly become a necessity in the greatest of web design circles. Vermont is a primary example of these advances because though it maintains an understood layout, the experience the user undergoes is far more versatile and visually stimulating. Both achieved through common practices in both the video and web design worlds.


Tumblr Style Mass Infomation Layout


For large portions of information the general consensus is to use Tumblr style imagery because there are a large variable of of ways that a Tumblr style representation of information can be applied. Whether these are varied through the animation of said information or through the layout’s grid and how copy meets imagery. This tool is a valuable one to remain young, modern and attractive to not only fresh minds, but more organic ideas.


Light & Color Interactive Divs


Interactivity no matter what the application is trending, but what specifically is impressive is allowing the overlaying of designs to only be revealed if hovered over. Though this seems like a low level application of technology it can be used in interesting ways such as how Color Theory presents their examples. Through a combination of color and light tricks, this site proves that going back to the basics, coupled with fun technology- are a potent pair visually.

Reimagine Scrolling


Scrolling isn’t just an up or down thing anymore because an experience isn’t truly enjoyed unless it’s perceived in all directions. Thus the most innovative work is testing the boundaries with directing the user in a new way other than through depth. Creating new mathematical patterns that audiences can understand can drive a site to the top of the ground breaking lists. But it is our opinion that a site can not rely purely on this style of modernization.

Written by: EW