“Routine Can Be A Good Thing.”

~ “Steal Like An Artist”, Austin Kleon

It’s that feeling we get when we’re “In The Zone.” Our focus cannot be broken and we become a machine; meticulously breaking down the task at hand, as if it were effortless. This is the kind of routine that plays a large role in keeping us energized throughout the workday. It’s a natural and comforting state of work. When we sit down to begin designing a new project, our focus turns to go-to resources which spark the initial conversations.

Inspiration, Concepts & Brainstorming

To get the ideas flowing, we jump into our process of exploration. The interweb is dense with resources – all at the tips of our fingertips. In the design process, we find ourselves constantly seeking inspiration to improve upon ideas that have caught our attention and create new, thrilling experiences we can share through our own lense. Here’s a few of our favorite communities of great design inspiration.

Worth the Money When You Really Use It

Depending on your area of design expertise, some resources can become a free, downloaded collection through email subscriptions and proper use of licenses. Others will be a premium series that will charge a one-time-fee and then a few monthly paid subscriptions when you find your favorites.


A great email subscription and paid resource for themes, high-resolution images, and more.


Build your wireframes through an accessible and easy-to-use platform.


Create and inspire through purchasable templates for your motion graphics.


For 3D modelers of the architectural practice to complete their scene with people, cars, trees and more.

Fonts & Typefaces

Make sure to read the licenses and understand the difference between personal and commercial use! Then dive into the collection and organization process of your favorites and begin testing.






When building an app, these resources streamline wireframing and interaction from the ground up. Save your side sketches and digitize – might as well keep your designs in your back pocket for when the time is right.




Image Compression


Keep this one on your list – this falls under efficiency. When our images are tidy and clean and wrapped up in a little bow for the client, it makes us look good. Whether you’re sending a large email or creating a website, this is only possible with image size management and without it, we’re back to 56k dial-up loading speeds. First, resize your image to the necessary resolution and ratio, then compress your images through these resources.





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A strong core for life’s mentality.


Written by: KK