“Your greatest resource is your time.”

~ Brian Tracey

Keeping things simple, and stealing like an artist can be great. But what truly defines your process, and what makes the product so special? Our references, and mentors have something to do with it- and we certainly see how our personalities can fill in the gaps. But the great stuff- the stuff made by people because they were meant to make it. Those are the identities and products that become leaders of their industries.

And how did they get there?

By recognizing a need that they could fill through simply by being themselves, while being “influenced” by the trends and people surrounding them. Minus a few shortcuts along the way, and a lot of hard work of course. But it’s these things that create unforgettable businesses, and personalities.

Film Inspiration

Video is one of the most essential ways to draw audiences in on today’s digital social, and marketing scenes. But when starting out without a budget, and without experience can be more than daunting. But fear not! Plenty of today’s great directors have started exactly where you are now. Alright maybe not with an IPhone 7 that can shoot 4K footage, but relatively close to where you are. Your added advantage however, is having places like Youtube, and Vimeo to learn faster than any of those high profile directors ever could.

Stock Image References

Use these resources wisely, for to many stock images are boring, and not enough nearly seems meaningless to use them all together. But used right and your audiences will never know the difference while totally understanding the emotions they are meant to feel. Become a stock imagery Jedi and the world could become your oyster. 


Social Media Assistance 

Social Media aides can be a hinderance or a huge assistance, depending on how you integrate them into your existing calendar. No matter what the core of what drives people to your pages should be the creativity you and your team exude during all company hours. A page is not to be driven purely on analytics but to be a healthy marriage between your identity’s personality and audience’s engagement.


Written by: EW