“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

You don’t have to be a beer lover to admire these well-designed beer bottles and cans. The logo and graphics on the label and packaging can greatly add to a beer’s appeal and turn them into works of art. The current microbrewery boom with record number of breweries comes with the added pressure to stand out on packed store shelves. And the outcome is a beautiful display of craft beer design labels and packaging that is sure to catch your eye, and eventually your taste buds. These are our top 5 design picks currently on the market (in no particular order).

1. Austin Beerworks seasonal

Designed by Helms Workshop

2. Buoy

Designed by Grady Britton

3. Fort Point Beer Company

Designed by Manual

4. Strap Tank Brewery

Designed by Helms Workshop

5. De Steeg Brewing

Designed by TILT

Written by Fabiola Reina