Sustainable Design & Consulting

Project Description

“Right plant, right place.” BEvolved is a eco-conscious landscape and horticulture consulting and design firm based in Honolulu, Hawai`i.  Their philosophy stems from a love and appreciation for the ‘aina (‘land’ in Hawaiian), that continues to reach higher standards for communal eco-awareness worldwide. With our full support, BEvolved received an engaging WordPress website that would be their digital catalyst for furthering conversation and spreading green expertise.

Project Details

Client BEvolved Consulting
Date July 2015
Skills Web Design

A Refreshing Message

Out of belief in their cause, our team created a simple website to help promote their sustainable solutions. BEvolved is now more identifiable, easier to access, and has a visually vibrant platform that clearly states their mission and their service to the community.

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Innovation is Forefront

BEvolved is constantly finding innovative ways to make their projects functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. They now confidently display their knowledge in an easily-digestible way to potential clients and respective professionals alike.

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