Biodiesel Cooperative

Project Description

Some of the most rewarding projects are born when you form a partnership with a business as innovative as it is virtuous. We had that opportunity when we spoke with Stefan Hristov of Biodiesel Cooperative, an organization that collects used cooking oil from the University of Washington kitchens and repurposes it into biofuel for the campus security vehicles.  

Project Details

Client Biodiesel Cooperative
Date 2014
Skills Branding

Harnessing Nature

A natural color scheme was necessary, and we decided on a smooth gradient of green, orange and yellow to mirror the concept of seamless refinement. The iconic portion of the logo consists of the 3 letter “O’s” converging into a venn diagram, representing a commitment to conservation between the Environmental Sciences department, campus security, and the student body.

A Low-Footprint Brand

Biodiesel Cooperative is founded on the ideals of conservation, and as such, merchandising and use of materials was kept to a minimum. By utilizing digital media instead of print for most exposure, BioDiesel Co-op was able to run thier recycling operation while resting easy knowing that their brand was also eco-friendly.