Project Description

Through exploration and iteration, this is the personal branding identity for Kyle Kurokawa – A simple logo that pays homage to his Japanese culture and expresses a love for the natural. Defined by three swooping gestures that illustrate three overarching passions – Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design and User Experience. Boiling down to a simplicity that draws the eye in dynamic directions, this is a presentation to inspire and identify.

Project Details

Client Kyle Kurokawa
Date May 2015
Skills Branding
View be.net/kkurokawa

The Power of Simplicity

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Steve Jobs, stolen from Pablo Picasso. The Kurokawa brand didn’t appear out of thin air. Inspiration was pulled from his father’s early portfolio and his personal representation of Kurokawa drawn from Japanese sumi-e brushes. The updated brand brings crisp, natural curves with a modern, sharp feel. An orderly and pixel-perfect digital gesture that mimics the very beauty of nature through the expression of bamboo.

Portfolio on Behance

An Established Identity

It takes time to develop a strong brand that truly respresents its final goal. Kurokawa has been through six years of iteration and has reached a solid checkpoint. Creating a personal identity is a rewarding pursuit that puts you ahead of the competition in the digital age. Show up with the best handshake, but knock their socks off with your first impression.

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