Project Description

The personal branding identity for Taylor Denning, one of our resident creative directors, has evolved into its current form over years of revisions and design maturity. Simplicity is front and center, distilling the logo down from a fully dimensional illustration to a monochromatic icon, creating a spectrum of versatility to be used across any medium.

Project Details

Client TDzines
Date 2013-Current
Skills Branding, Web Design

A Touch of Cool

A tranquil palette of blues reflects Taylor’s view of the ideal design relationship: Calm and professional, with a touch of artistic vision. A lowercase “t” is combined with a “d” to represent the artist’s initials. Everyone needs a signature, this is Taylor Denning’s; the beginning of an illustrious design portfolio.

Alive in Illustration

One of Taylor’s primary skill sets is illustration. As a result, a dimensional, multi-colored, glossy version of the logo was created. You can see more of Taylor’s illustrations and his full portfolio by clicking below.

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