Defining the Core Principles of Heliosphere

Success Starts With You

We are a cohesive team with diverse skill-sets across a wide variety of industries. We are a full-service branding agency with all your resources under one roof. The complex process of branding and design is broken down into simple steps allowing our clients full control over the creative process. We nurture great ideas, establish loyal business relationships, and maintain clear communication. Our job is not done until you are satisfied.

A Digital Agency

Forward Thinking

Problem Solvers


Jared Lavitt

CEO & amp; Founder

Project & Team Management, Networking, Packaging & Marketing Logistics,  the Big-Picture Thinker.

The big-picture thinker and global networker of our team. By applying himself in multiple industries, Jared is an invaluable asset to creating new opportunities that push the limits of our growing company. His diverse skill set blends and bridges an ease of communication between newfound partnerships, relentlessly bringing high-quality and purpose-driven projects to the table each week.

Kyle Kurokawa

Lead Creative Director

Graphic & Web Design, Environmental Design, Conceptualization, CAD, Strategic Development, 3D, Branding & Visual Communication.

Visual Communication and Creative Direction, under a formal degree in Landscape Architecture, has molded Kyle into a master of the complex. With an all-seeing eye for detail, he leaves no stone unturned when analyzing a critical creative problem. Research, iteration, and concise client communication drive Kyle’s design process, allowing the customer to rest assured that the job will always exceed expectations.

Taylor Denning

Lead Presentation Director

Graphic Design, Branding, Presentation Specialist, Iconography, Typography, Illustration, Speaker Coach.

Taylor’s tools-of-the-trade: Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint. These skills, when combined, are capable of resulting in a show-stopping presentation that is sure to grab your audience. His experience with clients like Microsoft, Cisco, Nimble Storage, Portworx and more, have prepared him to transform even the crudest of renderings into finished products. Able to crank out quick concepts or create the most meticulous, detail-oriented work, this guy is essential to any design team.

Eric Warner

Lead Marketing Director

Graphic Design, Branding & Visuals, Packaging, Marketing Specialist, Typography, Illustration, Community Management, Printing Specialist.

As an intuitive content creative, video editor, and identity consultant, Eric specializes in customizing identities, and assisting them into the future in a variety of medias. Having worked with several Fortune 500 companies ranging from Amazon, Emerald Nuts, Kettle Brand Chips and PBS Creative Studios to Norton Internet Security, and many more.Eric has immersed himself in what makes a brand a personality. Yet is still obsessed with the daily wonder that is the depth of a brand.